Weekend Project Interlude

We’re getting a bit of a later start today. Jen has already done some rearranging in the kitchen and the office. I haven’t.

Four days in a row I’ve woken up in the morning and the first thought in my head was if I don’t shave this fur coat off of my face today I am going to go insane. Four days in a row I failed to shave the fur coat off of my face. I mean, I had more hair on my face than the cat. It was long enough to pull and itchy as all hell.

Today is day five. I woke up and said if I don’t shave today I am going to go insane… and then I shaved.

I feel (and probably look) like a different person. My back and my legs are killing me from yesterday, but my face is beard-free.

It’s a good day.

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