To Do List for This Weekend

It’s the last weekend before Christmas and here is my to do list. It’s pretty short.

  • Wrap Christmas Presents. I only have one person’s gifts left to wrap.
  • Do Christmasy things with the whole family, specifically we need to watch Elf.
  • This is a late arrival to the list but I am going to help Jen make a shit ton of cookies. Hell yes.

I had a tough time with the intermittent fasting last night. We went out to deliver Christmas presents (successful) and check out some Christmas lights displays (woefully pathetic). We left right after dinner and we didn’t get home until 9:00 PM. I am supposed to start my fast at 9:00 and I was seriously hungry. I had a snack and started the fast at 9:45. I’m still going to get the full 16 hours in before I eat again, but it was just a sign that it’s going to be tough this week. Add that to the to do list, keep on schedule if you can.


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