So Much Star Wars

I’m a few days late for this, but I’ve been reading up on some of the new Star Wars projects that Disney and Lucasfilm announced the other day. There is little to no info on most of them, so there’s not much to say, but here are a few thoughts.

Rogue Squadron. A stand alone movie that sounds like it’s probably related to the old video games and is directed by Patty Jenkins. Umm… TAKE MY MONEY!

An as yet untitled and still unwritten Taika Waititi film. No info at all. Thor Ragnarok was wonderful, but after seeing Jojo Rabbit, Lucasfilm can TAKE MY MONEY!!

Obi-Wan Kenobie. A Disney+ series staring Ewan McGregor AND Hayden Christensen returning as Darth Vader? I am more excited about this than all of the others. Imagine… if this is good it could erase a lot of the bad feelings left over from the prequels. Then again, it might require some serious retconing of the events leading up to A New Hope. I’m a little scared about that, but if it works it could be incredible. In short, TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Ahsoka. After about 6000 episodes of the Clone Wars and Rebels, our favorite animated Jedi Padawan finally made the leap to live action in The Mandalorian a few weeks ago and Rosario Dawsom absolutely nailed it. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

Rangers of the New Republic. A story that parallels The Mandalorian. I wonder if it will center on the two X-Wing pilots we’ve seen this season. No clue, but TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

Lando. Enough said, TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!

Andor. This one is interesting. A Cassian Andor based spin off of Rogue One. I didn’t think I would be interested in this, and it’s been rumored (at least) for quite a while. Now that I see it spelled out, and knowing that it just went into production a few weeks ago, I realize I really want to see this. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!

The Acolyte. We know it’s going to be a mystery series that will take us back to the High Republic. All good stuff. Then add that it’s coming from the creator of the Netflix show Russian Doll and this becomes really exciting (Russian Doll is fantastic, go watch it). TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!

The Bad Batch, Visions and A Droid Story. Eh. Given the wildly spectacular success of The Mandalorian, I think my patience with animated Star Wars is pretty much run out. I’ll probably watch them, but mostly just because they will exist.

In summation allow me to make this blanket statement to the folks at Disney, Lucasfilm, and Disney+: TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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