Even More Car Music

Car music was a success today. Well, 80% success at least. I had five songs ready to go and I did four of them. The last time I did this I was really struggling to find pitches and get the melodies right. Today was the opposite. Lots of first takes. So many that I added harmony parts everywhere. Way more that I was planning. I probably could have gotten through the fifth song too. It wasn’t the clock that was the problem today, it was my bladder. When you gotta go…

Sundays at the movie theater parking lot are nice. Very few people out for jogs. Lots of cars driving up and down the road though. No one stopped. Sort of. There was one car that was driving around and wouldn’t leave. I’m 99.9% sure it was a parent teaching a kid to drive. They didn’t come very close.

Looking through the Trello board for the 50/90 project, there are now only four songs left without vocals. Three of them still need lyrics. I don’t want to say that I’m almost done, but finishing the 50th vocal would feel pretty good.

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