Colorado Jinxed It

I picked Colorado to win their second round NHL playoff series against Dallas. I changed my mind while listening to game seven.

I was using the NHL app to stream the Avalanche radio broadcast. During the second intermission the Avs were up 3-2. The radio broadcast back-at-the-studio guy was talking about the scores in the other series. He mentioned that game one of the third round series is scheduled for Sunday, and whoever wins the 9:00 game tonight will have to play the Avs on Sunday.

Wait, play the Avs on Sunday? The Avs still had a period to go in their game seven and someone was going to have to play them on Sunday?

Can you guess what happened? I could. As soon as that arrogant putz said it I knew Colorado was losing, and I knew I’d be happy about it. They ended up losing the game in overtime and therefore they lost the series.

Whoever wins the 9:00pm game has to play Dallas on Sunday.