Well, That’s too Bad

I started watching the new season of The Umbrella Academy yesterday. I just watched episode four. During the big climactic fight scene at the end the soundtrack made a kind of unfortunate choice. I was Made for Loving You by Kiss. Possibly my least favorite song by my least favorite band. Disco Kiss. It’s kinda shameful. Even worse than that terrifying period when the Rolling Stones went all disco.

So I’m watching the fight. Good guys kicking the crap out of bad guys, you know, and the song comes to the guitar solo. My first thought was, tonally speaking Ace Frehley (assuming it was Ace Frehley playing) sounded a lot like Alex Lifeson on the first couple of Rush records. Gibson guitar, cranked Marshall amp. Classic. Then it hit me… the actual solo he was playing… the phrases sounded a lot like… well… they sounded a lot like me.

Well… that’s too bad.

Not surprising that Ace and I steal from the same people, just kinda painful to learn that one of the people I steal from is actually someone I don’t even like very much. Not that I’m saying he’s not a good guitar player, he’s very good. You won’t hear me say a bad word about any of them. It’s just… Kiss… ugh. My guitar playing sounds like the guy from Kiss. Ugh.