Guitar Center has a used Vox AC15 amplifier on their website that is listed in great condition and listing for under $500. A few minutes ago I tricked my beloved wife into agreeing to let me buy it. Ain’t I a stinker?

I further read the listing and it says it will be shipped from it’s current location to a local Guitar Center store where it will be available for curb side pickup.



You mean I’d actually have to go to a store and briefly interact with another human being? Yeah… maybe I’ll wait and see if I can get someplace to ship a used one to my house.

Thanks anyway.

One thought on “AC15

  1. If it’s not too late, let me put my two cents in (as usual) but this time I think it might actually be helpful. With curbside pickup you don’t have to interact with anybody. You park in the lot, then open your trunk, then text the store. You show them your ID through the car window, and they bring out your item and put it in the trunk. After the guy goes back to the store, you get out of your car long enough to close the trunk, and drive away. Easy peasy! Just thought I’d put your mind at ease over this.

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