Suck It, Jimmy Page

I just put backwards echo onto two guitar tracks in GarageBand.

By reverse echo, I don’t mean the digital signal effect that sort of makes an echo sound backward, I mean the real deal.  I mean instead of having a sound followed by an echo, I have the echo preceding the sound.

Jimmy Page claimed to have invented the technique when he used it on Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” (Waaaay down inside… Woman… Youuuu need… Loooooooooove)

Les Paul actually invented the technique using a couple of reel to reel tape decks.  Les Paul was a genius.  Jimmy Page was great, but he weren’t no Les Paul.

I took two tracks of guitar, reversed them, loaded them up with shit loads of echos, exported the segments to iTunes, reimported them into a new track in GarageBand and reversed them again.


The echo comes before the sound.

Now I am going to mix that new track in with the original tracks so that it’s kind of subtle, but you can bet your sweet ass it’s there.

I love messing with backward tracks.  I just freakin’ love it.

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