Week Nine

Week Nine… I mean, come on.

Last week my company hinted that we’re going to be working from home until July at least.  In my head I was thinking July or August.  Nice that we’re on the same page.

Something I ate this morning is messing with me.  If the threat of COVID-19 isn’t enough, try throwing an upset stomach on top of the lock down.  Sucks, mate.

The temper fuses are most definitely getting shorter.  Without naming any names, I think that age has something to do with it.  The younger your general age group, the shorter the fuse and the easier it is for something innocuous to set you off.  I’m positive that it’s all ‘rona related.  No one is acting stressed out at any given time, but the overall background stress level is so insanely high that it doesn’t take much to go from casual, happy go lucky to, grrrrrrrrrr.

For me personally, I am trying to keep this in mind any time I feel my temper rising but I am doing a really awful, pathetic job regulating myself.  I’ve lost my shit over stuff that is so minor it technically doesn’t exist but I haven’t been able to stop myself.  I’ve read a comment on Facebook for something stupid and next thing I know I am out of my head with fury.

Hey Robert… lighten up, Francis.

Thursday is the two month point for me.  Saturday March 14th was my first full day after work sent us home.  Thursday is May 14th.

How ridiculous is that?

Continue to stay safe.  Continue to do the social distance.  Don’t be a dick and go out without a mask.  Don’t be a dick in general.

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