The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 33

It’s nice out.  A little chilly.  The temp is in the mid-50’s.  Probably a little too cool to open up the windows, but round about lunch time I opened both of the windows in my bedroom/office and have been enjoying a little touch of fresh air.

There’s a negative to this.  Our garbage barrels are on the side of the house and one of the bedroom windows is reasonably close to them.  Every once in a while I hear noise coming from that direction.  What is it?  It’s squirrels.  They have gnawed holes in the barrel covers that are just big enough for them to fit through.  The noise I hear is a squirrel crawling inside the trash and digging around.  I hate those furry little pricks.

Speaking of furry, it finally happened.  I was on a conference call for work.  The cat was desperate to join in.  She jumped on my desk and walked in front of the camera.  I pushed her out of the way but she didn’t go quietly.  She jumped onto my keyboard and somehow opened a whole slew of windows.  Most were things I’ve never even seen before.  I had to scramble to get them out of the way so I could see the meeting.

Animals.  Jerks.

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