May the 4th

I’ve always thought the idea of a Star Wars day based on a really lame pun was kinda… dumb.  This year is a little different.  This year May the 4th gives us the final episode of The Clone Wars TV series.  The last Star Wars project that George Lucas worked on has now ended.

I don’t remember the whole back story.  The show ran for six years on… Cartoon Network?  I think?  It was canceled with a major story line left hanging.  I can’t remember if it was the network that shut it down or Lucasfilm itself, but I knew the seventh season was written and ready to go when the show stopped.

Season seven has now been released on Disney+.  The first few episodes were the normal sort of storyline where a Jedi is working with a squad of clone troopers.  Next they picked up the unfinished story line from season six for a few episodes.  All of those were decent enough, but nothing to write home about.

The final four episodes, including the finale which was released today, are almost like a separate story.  They do pick up where the previous arc left off, but instead of just running a new story they actually mirror Revenge of the Sith.  There is one scene from the movie that is reproduced in the show from a different point of view, and some actual sound is used as well.  Also, spoiler free, they are just fantastic.  Go watch them.  So good.

Happy Star Wars Day, indeed.

Well… given that it’s the end of the Clone Wars, maybe not happy per se.  You know what I mean.

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