The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 30

Is Netflix just better than Hulu? I Googled “Best Netflix original series” and got some really long lists filled with shows I’ve seen and shows that look worthy of a watch and shows that don’t interest me in roughly equal numbers.

I did the same search for Hulu and found a small number of shows I’ve watched, one show that I want to watch (Haindmaid’s Tale) that I haven’t had the courage to start yet (I read the book and given the current sociopolitical climate I’m frankly terrified by the idea of living through that story again), and a slew of shows that are utterly uninteresting to me.

Maybe Netflix is just better at the original series thing.

On an unrelated stir crazy note, I slammed my head into the light fixture in the dinning room today. At least it wasn’t a ceiling fan… my nemesis.

On another unrelated note (of questionable stir crazy origin) my beloved bride baked a cake from scratch today, including frosting. It was delectable. Thanks, lovey!

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