Push Up Madness

I feel like such a lame ass wuss but I also think it’s funny so you’re going to hear about it.

Yesterday’s push up challenge continues.  I only managed three yesterday.  On the third try I had a bit of a pain in my abdomen.  When I went for attempt #4 it was WAY worse so I stopped for the day.

Today I decided to go every other hour rather than the officially sanctioned every hour.

  • 9:00 good.  Ouch, but good.
  • 11:00 not quite as good.  Much more ouch, all over.  My arms were still numb from the first go ’round.
  • 1:00 similar to 11:00.  The big issue now isn’t my arms or my expansive gut or anything like that.  It’s my knees.  Getting down to the floor and then getting back up again is killing me.

I’m not actually doing push ups.  Yesterday I was doing close to one half of a push up.  I started up, lowered myself as far as I could without falling over, then pushed back up.  Today I am wishing I could get half way.  Today it’s more like 25%… then 20%… then 15%… Come 5:00 I expect to just do a plank for three seconds and then collapse.

Isn’t this (ouch) fun??

Quarantinie goodness!

Stir Crazy for the Win!

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