The Stir Crazy Files – Episode 25

My hair.  Just… my hair.

I probably wrote about this already, but it is a seemingly never ending source of crazy.  When all of this crap started I was already needing a haircut.  Now we’re into week seven and oh my crap this is insufferable.

As it was starting to cover my eyes I joked with my wife saying that I would cut it myself once it was long enough for me to accidentally inhale it up my nose.  It’s still not there, but it’s long enough that it is starting to reach the tip of my nose.  Given how lightning fast my hair grows, I expect it to be up my nose by week’s end.

I have two Facebook friends who own hair salons.  One of them warned that they can’t fix your hair if it’s not there.  Don’t cut it off, she said.  That was three (I think) weeks ago though.  How much longer am I supposed to hold out?

I am willing to bet a fair sum of money that youtube contains a plethora of videos that will instruct viewers on how to cut their own hair.  Failing that, I am guessing amazon has a fair share of affordable clippers that would at the very least get the hair out of my eyes.

Hair, man.  Hair.

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