I’m King Paranoid

My wife and I went for a walk at lunch time.  We picked a random neighborhood side street and walked down it.  About halfway along we turned around, crossed the street, and started back.  The sun was out, the air was clean.  It was nice.


As we were slowly making our way back up to the main street a car pulled out of a driveway behind us and drove past.  Oh well.  It’s not like we were going to have the whole neighborhood to ourselves, right?

Then two cars pulled into the road from the main street at the same time.  One drove past us.  The other stopped in front of us!  What?  They were one house further up the road.  We crossed the street again.  Then the driver and the passenger got out of the car.  The passenger got back in to the drivers seat but the former driver just stood there.  The car drove away and still she didn’t go inside.  She checked her mailbox, she popped the trunk on another car that was in the driveway.  Come on, lady!  We’re trying to social distance here and you’re making us super duper paranoid!  Was she screwing with our head (probably not)?  Was she just evil (no)?  (was it totally harmless and innocent? yes)

It’s a crazy world we’re living in these days.  Now join us in washing our hands… twice.

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