I’ve been drinking so much diet pepsi since all of the social distancing started that I may as well just jam an IV into my arm and pump the caffeine straight into my blood stream.  Cut out the stomach middle man.

It has to be part of the reason why my sleep has been so shitty of late (last night was okay, but most nights are bad).  The increased stress from the sense of impending doom and all is clearly part of it, but the caffeine isn’t helping.  I need to figure out a good time of day to cut myself off.

I was trying to shut it down when I punch out of work for the day at around 5:30.  I have plenty of water to drink (with grape flavoring, yum) and, due to an instacart screw up, I have truck loads of caffeine free diet pepsi on hand.  We asked for the real deal but the instacart shopper brought the wrong thing.  I expected it to go to waste, but I tried it one night with dinner and I was shocked to find it wasn’t bad.  Caffeine free diet coke tastes about as pleasant as getting punched in the balls with a brick (approximately) so I was really surprised.

I don’t think 5:30 is cutting it though.  I would like to say that I won’t start a new bottle/can of soda after lunch, but I don’t know if I can stick to that.  Maybe I’ll set the cut off at 3:00… which means every day at 3:00 I’m going to be running to the fridge for a fix.  I can open a new one at 2:59, but I’ll probably just nurse it until dinner.  I guess that’s better than nothing.

I went to the kitchen for a drink at 4:30 and I filled up a water bottle instead of grabbing a nice, cold bottle of caramel colored, carbonated, caffeinated, nectar of the gods.  Well, the diet version of the nectar of the gods.  I’ll take that as a win.  I need all the wins I can get.

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