Vinyl? Me?

Oh this is silly.

A fellow RPM Challenge participant informed us of a site that offers to press your music on vinyl.  That’s kinda funny.  There are actual recording artists trying to release their music on vinyl who can’t because there are so few manufacturing sites that the demand has created a gigantic backlog.  This company is offering it though.  Good for them.  I hope they rake in the business.

I imagined that they would likely charge by the unit with volume discounts.  I was sure their minimum order would be in the thousands.  I Googled them and found this page.  I was right about charging by the unit.  I was wrong about the volume discounts.  More importantly, I was wrong about the minimum order.

Their actual minimum order?  One unit.


They charge $30 a unit and their minimum is one unit.  Good lord, how will they ever make money?  Bedroom playing clowns like me will bombard them with single unit orders!

I will admit that the idea of having one of my own projects pressed on vinyl is tempting, but I don’t want to do it.  Nothing I have done is worthy of even that low a cost.  Maybe if I ever finish the best-of thing I’ve been talking about every March for the past five March’s I would think about it for real.  For now though, it’s just a silly nerd daydream*.



*Also, there is a glaring typo on that page.  I don’t think I can put any faith in their QC if they can’t even proof read.  Sure, I make idiotic typos all the time (in pretty much every post) but I’m not selling anything.  I don’t have to look professional, they kinda do.

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