So That Went Well (Mostly) Continued

I mentioned in the last post that we did last night’s show for free.  It was Greg’s birthday party and we were just there to help celebrate.

When we were finished, Mike, Kevin, and I all left.  Greg stayed because it was his party.  What kind of party would it be if he left?

Anyway, after the rest of us were gone the manager pulled Greg aside and paid us.  I’m totally surprised.  Not only did we get paid for our free show, but we got paid more than Racks ever paid us.

Well, thank you very much, J. Brien’s!  Any time.

One thought on “So That Went Well (Mostly) Continued

  1. I’m really glad that happened! And I’m really glad that they indicated they’d like to have Lizardfish play there again. Obviously, despite the equipment issues (well, the “big” issue of the snare drum’s demise), you guys played pretty darn well. I hope that one of the next times you play there again, we can come for a little bit. (and I’m commenting, even though I know you’re not crazy about comments! So there! LOL j/k)

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