Pissed Off Red Head

This is an “I’m a pissed off red head” post and it has nothing to do with Donald “Fascist Piece of Shit” Trump.

It’s March 31st.  We have a gig tomorrow, April 1st.

We’re at the start of a weather forecast that’s calling for something along the lines of 13-20 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning I have to make the drive to Concord for one of the kids’ school events.  It’s a 40 minute drive without traffic.  I expect the drive to actually run around 3-4 hours.  Then I have to get home in time to load out of our rehearsal space and load into the bar and set up and soundcheck and oh my god my head is going to explode at the thought of how horrendously shitty tomorrow is going to be.

Mother nature is almost as big a piece of shit as Donald “Nazi Pile of Pig Filth” Trump.


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