More Video from Comic Con

The best part of the San Diego Comic Con, from the point of view of someone multiple thousands of miles away, is that we get all sorts of new movie trailers. Yesterday it was The Walking Dead. Today it’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Sure we all love our Marvel movies and the Avengers are neat and all, but for me when it comes to comic book super heroes, I’m all about the DC babie. Batman? Check. Superman? Check. Wonder Woman? Check. Don’t forget the bad guys, Lex Luthor? Check. It doesn’t come out until March 26, 2016, but they can keep my seat in the theater warm for me.

Now, having said that…

This is not a trailer. It’s a behind the scenes thing that was aired at the Star Wars panel at Comic Con (last night I think? This morning? I don’t know). This is the best thing that could ever maybe happen, short of episode VII coming out early and me being at some unannounced premier.

Watch this and enjoy.