I filled the bird feeders yesterday while the weather outside was beautiful. Today is the first day of summer, and it’s father’s day… therefore mother nature is literally pissing on us. It’s been pouring rain like the end of the world all day.

That isn’t slowing the birds down one bit though. They are outside chowing down. I saw a cardinal, a woodpecker, and some black and white colored thing I’d never seen before, all out there at the same time. I grabbed my camera and they all split on me. Jerks. I hung around for a few minutes, always hoping to get a clear image of a bird in flight, but it was too dark out and the shutter speed was too fast and the ISO was too high and I was left with this ugly mess. I got a decent picture of a bunny though, so that’s a win.

This is the goal, of course this looks like cow shit.

This guy eats like a pig. Every minute or so he’d come back for more. Enjoy, little birdie friend.

I had just decided to close the window and pack it in when the cardinal came back. I think he had been hiding on the roof waiting for the camera to go away, but he just couldn’t hold out any longer.

Oh, here’s the bunny I mentioned.

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