Another Night, Another Song

Alonetone is having all sorts of trouble these days. I wonder if I am going to get this one posted.

On a thursday afternoon, I had a very short time for my lunch break. I decided to sneak in a lyrics and a vocal. The topic of deadlines came to mind and this stinker was born. It is meant to have a sound byte at the start of the song but I couldn’t get my mitts on it. Picture it: The movie Highlander. Connor and Castigere are on the bridge in Central Park. Castigere says, “Time has almost caught us, my friend” and then punches the railing five times.

That. That is what I want leading into this song. That is what became the title of this little suck fest of a crap dog.

Alonetone continues to shit the bed tonight. If the player above doesn’t work and you must, must, must here this awful song, click here.