Thank You, Bruins

If the price of the Red Sox winning the World Series is that the Bruins have to suck for a while, then I’ll pay that price. Now that the parade is over though, it’s time for the sucking to end.

While I still have not recovered from the Stanley Cup Finals game six choke, I am ready to start loving hockey again. I’ve been there since the puck dropped in the opening game, but the Sox did distract me.

The Bruins have been crap-tastic for a couple of weeks now. This is the team that went to the Finals last year, and they are sucking up the joint against the Islanders and the Stars? No, enough. That needs to end.

Fortunately, last night was a step in the right direction. I was following the game, but I only managed to listen to the first period. It was scoreless after one, so I was afraid it might end up as more of the same. They were playing Florida whose suck level is so high it is incalculable. Turns out the B’s were just teasing me. They took the lead in the second period and then went for the Panthers’ throat in the third and put it all away.

Thank you, Boston Bruins. Thank you for playing like you meant it last night. Now keep up the good work!

Go Bruins!