Is it true that your immune system does most of its heavy lifting while you are asleep?  Might that be why I have been so completely exhausted over the last couple of days?

I felt sleepy all day Saturday but for the most part I was okay.  Round about 10:00pm I was toast though.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Last night I hit the wall at bout 7:30.  The four of us were all in the living room just hanging out together and I think I might have dozed off a couple of times.  That usually doesn’t happen.  I went to bed at 10:00 or so and was sound asleep by 10:30.  I woke up once in the night, briefly, at about 1:30 and then I was out again until the alarm went off at 5:00.  I know I hit the snooze a couple of times, but I don’t recall doing it five times.  However, I was up and out of bed at 5:50 after the fifth snooze.  I felt great.  I was wide awake and alert and loving it.

At 7:00 I was in the car with the kids, taking them to their Dad’s house before school.  At 7:20 I stopped at a gas station convenience store and picked up (ironically) a caffeine laden coca~cola.  I then started my long drive to work.

By the time I parked my car I was exhausted again.  Seven hours of good sleep gave me about 2.5 hours of full alertness.  Now I’m tired and groggy again.

Hopefully this is my body telling me to go to sleep so it can continue to kick the crap out of the eternally lingering illness.  I’m still coughing.  I’m still having bouts of stuffiness.  I’m still having bouts of runny nose.  I even had a killer headache yesterday.  I am ready for this crap to end, NOW.

Jen is still in the same boat.  She has the same symptoms she’s had for the last couple of week.  No change.

I want this to be over, right now.  I have been saying that for weeks though.

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