Candle Race Winner

The great candle race of 2021 is over. The winner, by approximately an astronomical unit* is the red candle. You knew this because I bet on the blue candle.

*An astronomical unit is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Candle Race Update

I started two Yankee Candles at the same time. I’ve never lit one without the other. It’s a candle race, babie! I put my money on the blue candle.

Much like my NHL predictions, my candle predictions just suck.


We are obsessed with candles. Why? No clue. Let’s blame COVID-19.

I just lit a new candle called Tahitian Nights. Strangely it doesn’t really smell like anything. I would have expected that nightlife in Tahiti would smell like salt water, sweat, and maybe vomit. Nope.