CT Scan

I’ve never had a CT scan before. I never had an MRI either prior to last month. I guess we’ll get to check both of them off the bucket list after this morning. A CT scan of my brain. About an hour and a quarter from now.

I know it’s safe and harmless but… I’m kinda nervous. I guess I’m just a chicken. A big wuss of a chicken.

Wish me and my defective brain luck? Or don’t, it’s okay. I’ll be fine. It’s just a souped up x-ray after all. Safe and harmless. Stop being a chicken, chicken. It’s only your brain, after all.

One More Test

The labs and the ultrasound are done. They had to stab me three times to draw blood and the ultrasound tech was having trouble finding whatever it was she was looking for.

Last time I had an in person appointment I signed up for their patient portal app. I’m kinda hoping I’ll get to see all of the images of my inner workings. That should be fun.

Time for the Next Step

I will be heading over to the hospital for the next step in the weight loss surgery process. Today it’s just blood work, an abdomen ultrasound and an upper GI x-ray. It’s times like this that my job and my home life sort of high five each other. The application I work on covers hospital imaging departments. I haven’t a clue what the machines are called or how they work or anything like that, but when the technologists enter the information into the computer, I know what everything looks like under the covers. Of course the hospital I am working with is not one of our customers so I like to watch staff enter data to see if they get as frustrated as I’ve heard my software’s users get. (*)

I’ll be leaving in five minutes. I have the order sheet. I have a mask. I haven’t had any food or drink since last night at 9:30. I have nothing to be nervous about with this step, and yet I am nervous. I need to grow a pair.

(*) #sarcasm

Now What

Now that the RPM Challenge is over I can start worrying about other things.

Specifically, tomorrow’s doctors appointment. Not that there is anything logical to stress about. I’m having some blood work, an ultrasound, and an x-ray. All prep for the real thing.

But… what if the imaging shows that there’s something screwy going on in my inner works? What if they see something that makes me ineligible for the weight loss surgery?

See? I can freak out about anything these days.