Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility

I mentioned last night that I played around with the Wi-Fi setting on my little Nikon Coolpix camera. I took a picture and then used the Wireless Mobile Utility to transfer it to my iPhone. Brilliant.

There is another function in the app. You can use your phone as the viewfinder and shutter button. I took that for a test drive this morning before work (and also before the frog incident) and it worked.

I stood the camera up on my desk and used my phone to take this artistic masterpiece. It also stored the photo on my phone. Cool.

Just for schnitzengiggles, I also took a picture of Patches…

…and I also took a picture of a flower. I was playing with the macro setting for this one. Not sure it made much difference.

All of this plus the frogger incident equals my Tuesday morning.

That’s Interesting

Turns out my little Nikon point and shoot has a built in Wi-Fi. You can connect it to your phone and use a Nikon app to transfer images from the memory card to the phone’s camera roll.

I just took this and uploaded it to my phone while sitting up in bed watching The Sandman (episode one) on my iPad.

We live in a thoroughly groovy world.