Television is Crazy

I just finished the season finale of Yellowjackets.

Now I plan to queue up 100 or so podcasts (hopefully) to listen to other people talk about the episode because I need therapy and I can’t expect any reputable therapist to actually take the time to discuss how screwed up watching this insane show makes me feel.

Really… what the fuck?

Still Here

I just gave out the 8:00pm pills. I knew I was going to be here late tonight but I had no idea it was going to be this fucking late.

I’m so fucking mad right now.

Oh Good

My mother came into the living room, sat down in my father’s recliner, and fell asleep. That was an hour ago. Dad is asleep on the hospital bed. The TV is still on and the volume is alarmingly loud because they are both half deaf…

and now we’re all sleeping in the fucking living room

What the fuck??????