Test Driving the New Lens

I had some errands to run this morning so I got up early. The sun still hadn’t risen so I checked weather.com. It said it was cloudy out. Okay, I think, on my way to run my errands I would take my camera to the usual places in town and try out the new lens. I took a shower and did the dishes and then I was ready to go.

I stepped outside and it started to rain.


Oh well, I was already packed up so what the hell. The first stop was the Sands bridge which is continuing along the way to complete collapse. When I think about how much I weigh, and about how the last two times I came here I actually walked across this thing… I’m lucky I didn’t fall through.


This one seems a little soft. It was one of the few that weren’t nice and sharp.

My second stop was the Methuen Rail Trail where it crosses the Mighty Spicket River in the Nevins Bird Sanctuary.


I didn’t notice the foot trails the last time I came here. I saw two or three this time. That gives me something to focus on next summer when I come back to explore a little more.

I am sure M was displeased to learn that the top 00 agent is advertising himself this way.

The third stop was the Falls Dam which had a nice flow thanks to all the rain we’ve had recently.






My final stop was at the Methuen Music Hall.


The Mighty Spicket River is running high today.





Hopefully the next time I try this it will be sunny with no rain. I’ll take my tripod and try some long exposures.

June 1st

This year is going by so fast it’s down right terrifying. How can it possibly be June 1st when New Years Day was just a couple of weeks ago?

We got home from our get away yesterday and before we were even in the house my beloved bride of five years and one day (two days, as of today) injured her leg. We were pretty sure it was nothing serious, but we went to the ER to get an x-ray to make sure. Thankfully our diagnosis was correct. She’s okay, but it hurts a lot. My poor sweetie.

Our trip included one night in Conway, NH and two nights in Jackson, NH. The hotel in Conway was called Adventure Suites. Each suite has a different theme. Ours was a jungle theme. It was really cheesy, but fun. In Jackson we stayed at the Wentworth which was pretty seriously classy. I would go back there in a heartbeat.

Mostly we just drove around in the mountains enjoying the views but enjoying the company even more. We stopped at a couple of waterfalls. Jackson Falls and Glen Ellis Falls. Jackson was right on the road next to our hotel. I could have just spent a day hanging out there. Glen Ellis required a short hike. The path was mostly stairs, and while it would have been easy for most people a super out of shaper like me had to take it slow. The view was absolutely worth it though. As with all of our White Mountains trips, it has made me want to plan a full vacation of just waterfall hopping. That would be awesome.

The best part of the trip happened on Friday when we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We went for a fancy dinner at the Wentworth’s excellent restaurant. More importantly we spent the day just being together. I love my wife very much. Just being near her is a thrill for me.

We are home now though. Back to reality. Patches the kitty was meowing like a maniac the minute we opened the door. I think she was glad to see us. She hadn’t been pet in a while so we showered her with attention. Today I’ll post some pictures here. All the keepers are already on Flickr. It’s also a new month, and the 20 songs from April and March are all done (though a few could use a new mix) so today starts a new album in a month. June Music. How exciting!

Then tomorrow? Back to work. Oh, way to ruin the happy post, you jerk.