Chef Lardo

The chicken is in the oven, the veggies are all prepped. I have about 7.5 minutes before I have to start prepping the quinoa, and I typo’d the word “the” twice in the first sentence.

Yup, it’s time for bed.

It’s December 6th today and the weather is weird. It was raining and blah all day, but it was also warm. The temps were in the high 50’s. I actually thought about opening up some windows, and I had my little desktop fan on for a while. How crazy is that?

Today at lunch I read about a mini-galaxy with a black hole at the center that is almost as big as ours. That does not compute, but it is also awesomely cool. There was a lot of online buzz about the two Walking Dead shows from last night. Well… not Fear, that show was atrocious and pretty much everyone agrees. No, the item of interest happened a couple hours after the episode aired when they announced the original lead character, who was supposed to have been killed off three years ago, is coming back. Oh good. I sure the writing they use to pull that off will be stellar. Yes.

Also, lots of buzz about the end of World Beyond. Specifically the post credit scene where we visit another country for the first time, and a tie in to the original show’s season one finale. It’s interesting and all, but it seems odd to give us a cliff hanger at the end of a show that literally no longer exists. I mean, it would have worked better if they told us where we could expect the pay off to come from. As it is we know there’s a road trip spin off from the main show coming, an anthology show which seems like a convenient excuse to bring back dead characters without retconning the way the morons at Fear are about to, and a set of hypothetical, near mythical movies. Safe to assume any payoff would be in the theaters, but who the hell knows. Whatever, the end of World Beyond was pretty satisfying and on the whole the two seasons ended in a way that makes me happy I stuck with it.

Okay. Time to prep the quinoa. Enough of this TV recap bullshit. It’s time for Chef Lard Ass to get-a-cookin’!

Sunday Night Stuff

I’m watching the Bruins play the Canadiens right now. We are down 1-0, six minutes into the second period. This needs to change immediately. The Canadiens, despite their playoff success last year, or maybe because of it, are awful right now. The Bruins haven’t exactly been stellar, but they are good enough that they should murderize Montreal. Gentlemen, let’s pick it up, shall we?

So I put together the mini-shed thing, and played some guitar, and wrote some music. I have not made Bellana’s bed, after washing her sheets yesterday. I still need to do that, but she won’t be here until Friday, so I have time.

I watched more Futurama. Lots of it. Not as much as yesterday, but still lots of it. Take it as given that it is one of the best shows ever. Is it better than The Simpsons? I think it might be. I don’t know.

I also started watching Foundation. When we were kids, Mike the Bass Player used to push me to read two books. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Foundation. I was in my 30’s before I finally got to Hitchhiker’s Guide and holy crap was Mike right. I still haven’t read Foundation. One review of the TV show that I heard was that if you read the book you’ll hate the show, but if you haven’t read the book you’ll love it. Okay, that works in my favor. Another review, from someone who loved the books, was that if you pretend the name of the show is something other than Foundation it is okay. I’ll take that.

Sticking with the TV theme, it’s Sunday and that means it’s Walking Dead spin off night. World Beyond is still kinda bland but mostly okay. There are only four episodes left (I think) and then the series comes to an end. It certainly doesn’t feel like a show that’s four episodes away from ending. (The Bruins just tied the game, 1-1 with 11 minutes or so left in the second) As for Fear the Walking Dead… the hate watch will continue. It has to be the worst show on television. I can’t imagine anything worse than this getting the green light to air. It’s atrocious and last week’s episode was so bad it was actually insulting. Two people having a conversation 10 feet away from a leaking, unexploded nuclear warhead without suffering any radiation issues. They are both twins. Sort of. One of them admits that she’s not really a twin. She and her brother were born on the same day but she’s adopted (hey show runners, I saw This is Us too!). The other guy hears this story but then tells her that because she’s a twin she has super powers and can tell when her twin is in trouble… but she LITERALLY just told the guy she’s not actually a twin. I mean… I usually don’t really proof read my blog posts, but I would still expect someone to proof read the scripts for a major television show, right? Plot holes and continuity errors (and leaking, unexploded nuclear warheads) are things to be avoided, right?

Changing the subject. I still have 17 minutes of exercise left to do. I don’t think I’ll finish before Fear starts, but I think I’ll stand up and pick off a few minutes right now. A perfect week is at stake!

The End

I just saw the best part of this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

The best part was when it ended and World Beyond started. Not that World Beyond is any artistic triumph or anything. At its worst it’s still head and shoulders better than Fear.