I Survived

I made it through the whole haircut without freaking out. I’m proud of my bad, vaccinated self.


I sure as hell don’t look good, but I feel less ridiculous so there’s that.

Stressing Out a Little

After six straight business days working at my parents’ house I am back at my desk at home. Well, for today. Tomorrow I’ll be back at Mom and Dad’s, but just for one day. I had this weird moment when I was hooking up my laptops (plural, I had my MacBook and my work machine with me at their house yesterday) and I was sure everything was going to fail and nothing was going to work and I was going to be screwed. Nope. Both machines are up and all the peripherals are running smooth.

I hope at some point the Covid freakouts are going to calm down. We have a team coming today to remove the last of the cellar cleanup junk*. They are outside right now. I was just outside with them. Everyone was masked, everyone was distant, everyone was outside. Still… I’m freaked a little. The HVAC folks I wrote about last week are coming back tomorrow to relieve us of the last of our life savings (exaggeration… or is it?) and I am pre-freaked out about that.

I really need to change my mindset. Everyone in the house is fully vaxxed (I just invented that spelling. You’re welcome). Bellana’s still at school but she’ll be fully vaxxed by the time she gets home. Covid-wise, our house is about as safe as you can get right now. Still… here I am freaking out about the masked up, outdoor, two man work team loading up the last of our ruined cellar into a truck.

I changed my mindset from normal to Covid really quickly. Now I’m finding that it’s taking a long time to change from Covid to post-Covid. I suppose that was to be expected though, right?

*Have I written about the cellar disaster cleanup yet? I might not have. If not, just know we had a bit of a nightmare in the cellar that was on top of the whole HVAC thing I wrote about last week.

Road Trip

We’re about half a work day away from the weekend. Not just any weekend, but the first weekend where everyone in the house is fully vaccinated. Tonight there’s some new Marvel to watch. Will Sam take up the mantle of Captain America? I think so. If he doesn’t, will Bucky? Will the faux Cap become USAgent or will he end up taking a dirt nap? Part of me expects the latter.

Tomorrow there is a visit on the books as well as time for errands and hopefully a little music. Errands might include an oil change for one of the cars and maybe a stop at Best Buy? More likely I’ll order something from Best Buy. I don’t think I can deal with actually walking into a big box store yet.

Then there is Sunday. What to do about Sunday?

Well… both cars will have been serviced… we’re vaccinated… road trip? The first road trip in over a year? Bellana is just a few hours away in Vermont… might we head up for a visit?

I would not have had a problem with a long drive like that even at the worst of the Covid. I would just fill up the gas tank while wearing a mask and latex gloves, bring along a great big pile of snacks (via instacart), and go. If nature called I would pull off the road, find a tree, and take care of business. Jen, however, would not have had that nature calling luxury and there is no way we would go into a store or a gas station to do what needed to be done. That’s why long drives were off the table.

Now? I think we’d be okay going into a gas station to use a rest room. I don’t think we’d be happy about the situation, but if we’re masked up I think we can handle the weirdness.

Road trip to Vermont?

See Bellana for the first time in months?

There are still details to be worked out but… it could happen.

Am I actually making plans? I forgot what that felt like.