Pretty Good Mom News, for a Change

It’s been a week and three days since the awful hospital experience started. Over the last couple of days there have been definite signs of improvement.

My brother and sister have been taking turns staying at my parents’ house each night just in case something happened.

Today, my mother and my father both agreed that they don’t really need anyone to stay over tonight. Oh, what a huge relief. We’ll still keep our phones on just in case they need us in the night, but this is a huge change for the better.

I’m really happy.

A Little Taste

My sister and brother have been spending as much time as possible with my mother over the last seven days. They have experienced the full force of her behavioral changes directly. Due to quarantining, I have not been there. I’ve only been able to pitch in with a little bit of housework at my parents house while everyone else was at the hospital.

I got a tiny taste of it today. My father called me. He said my mother wanted to talk to me and he asked me if I remembered the Boy Scout Motto. I did… Be Prepared.

She said she wanted to see me but understood why I couldn’t come over. I was very thankful for that. She also said she didn’t know what was wrong with her. I said we were working to figure it out and the medication would help. She was on the verge of tears the whole time.

Yeah, that sucked. Hard. My thanks and appreciation toward my brother and sister cannot be overstated. They are dealing with it all. My father too. He’s been dealing with everything for years.

I feel so useless. It’s necessary, but still… damn it.

Another Night

I just got the low down on my mother’s overnight issues. It sounded about normal… or normal for the current situation. She just took her 8:00am pain meds. Here’s hoping for a better day. Less pain, less confusion. Fingers crossed, people.

Better? Maybe?

My sister spent the day at my parents house today. Sounds like my mother stayed busy for most of the day and that helped with her state of mind. My sister also stayed busy which also helped with her state of mind.

We had a nursing service give a consult. They may have some services we can make use of. I’m sure they will be very helpful. Also have appointments with her GP and with the Oncologist and the second round of chemo is still on schedule as of today. We’ll also be talking to some physical therapy folks.

Lots of people who will hopefully make things better for my mother in the short term. I am thankful for all of them and my fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed for good luck.

First Night Home

My mother went home from the hospital yesterday and last night may have been the worst night of the whole ordeal. The infection has her so scrambled that she didn’t believe she was home. She thought we were lying to her. My sister spent the night at my parents house and filled us all in this morning. It was bad.

Please please please let the antibiotics she’s on now clear this up. This is awful.