11 days

The electoral college votes on December 14th. We have 11 days of this bullshit to go. Then we have to wait a couple of weeks for the electoral college votes to be counted by congress. Then we have a few weeks until the inauguration.

Then you’d think the trump disaster would end. You’d think. The reality is that it’s never, ever going to get better.Our country is over. We can’t come back from this. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s over.

Coup D’état

Coup d’état. I said that the 2016 election looked a lot like a coup d’état thanks to the russian interference. I never said the election was illegitimate, because right or wrong, the American people cast their votes.

Now we’re seeing an actual coup d’état. An attempt, at least. The justice department and a bunch of senators have joined the cheeto in his idiotic votes-for-the-other-guy-don’t-count crusade.

The motivation for this is clear. He’s raising money for the defense of the election, whatever the hell that means, and he’s embezzling that money to pay off his campaign debts. This is nothing but a scam to make a buck… and countless people are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

America, home of the stupid. It never ends.

One Week to Go

So the Senate contributed to the end of our democracy yesterday through sheer political hypocrisy. Seven days until we vote a bunch of them out.

Seven days until we remove the fascist from the white house. One week to go.

Seven days until I stop getting avalanched with spam email from Democratic candidate campaigns, all asking me for money. I’ve had 27 of them today, not counting the ones that actually went straight to my spam folder. A month ago I decided I wouldn’t mark any of these as spam until after the election. I’ve held to that out of some misguided superstition… but I really, really wish I hadn’t made that decision. Give me a break!