Ad Fail

Ted Lasso is not my favorite TV show right now but it is clearly the best show.

Jen sent me a video of what looked like an early version of the show. A little 4.5 minute thing. Same premise, same actors, same character name. I thought it would be cool to see where the idea started from

I watched the whole video.

It was a commercial for NBC coverage of UK soccer.

Im so disappointed. The best show on TV started out as a fucking commercial. Fuck.

Saturday Stuff

I’m going to have to work soon. I’m just waiting for word.

Jen and I just finished getting caught up on Ted Lasso. We were going to wait for the season to end and then binge it all but it’s really too good to hold off.

I’m outside right now. I just lit the grill so I can make us lunch. Turkey burgers. I think I mentioned that in a recent post, didn’t I?

I suddenly find myself feeling rather low. I don’t know why. Is it because I don’t want to work today? Is it because I slept like shit last night? Is the propane tank attached to the grill leaking?

I don’t know. Just feeling blue, that’s all. What can you do, right? Wanna make something of it or something?

Jen is inside waiting for lunch. I might need a hug when I go back inside. I don’t know.