Describe Your Weekend

So Robert, why don’t you describe your weekend for us?

Okay. Saturday:


Notes: the hole in the stand hour streak on Saturday was due to my watch being on the charger. The hole on Sunday was due to being on a conference call, I think.

Today has been a Day

Well, it’s finally time to go to sleep. Today has been a day. I heard from my sister, who is nana sitting tonight, and it’s just as bad tonight as it was last night. Oh good.

Anyway, this happened:

I’m finally going to sleep. Hopefully for 18 hours or so. G’night, world.

Yesterday Was a Day

Most of you won’t get this. However, if you have an Apple Watch and you use the Activity app then this will be a little behind the scenes peek into the kind of day I had yesterday…..

Sure this is a smidge too “inside baseball” for the average web surfer, but I thought it was interesting. Whatevs, right?