Jerry Remy

Jerry Remy passed away last night. Former Red Sox second baseman, decades long Red Sox color commentator, president of Red Sox Nation. Two of those are real things, the other is a marketing gimmick that actually happened. Which is which? You decide.

How many Sox games did he broadcast? Many. Many, many. He was the starting second baseman when I first started following the Red Sox. That was 1978 or so. I clearly remember him going to the disabled list in ’79. It was late in the season when my father took me to Fenway for the first time. The game had everything. Ek started (and won). Lynn made a diving catch in Center. Evans and Yaz both homered, Evans’ cleared the screen in left, and Yaz’ was the 400th of his career. It was a pretty freakin’ awesome game. The only thing I was disappointed about was Remy was injured and didn’t play.

He lost a long fight with cancer. How many times did he go on leave from NESN to fight cancer, then come back, then go on leave again? Many times. Rest in peace, Jerry Remy. Dude is bunting for base hits off the angels now.

Say it Ain’t So, Youk

Oh great.  First Babe Ruth, now Kevin Youkilis.

Former Red Sox third/first baseman Kevin Youkilis has signed a one year deal with the New York Yankees for $12 million dollars.  He now joins folks like Wade Boggs and Johnny Damon and Babe Ruth as players who left the Red Sox and went to the Yankees.

This time feels a little different to me.  He didn’t leave us, he was traded.  He didn’t run off to New York, he was swapped to Chicago first.  The Yankees need a third baseman to fill in for King Douche Alex Rodriguez while he is off recovering from hip surgery.  They also need a first baseman to spell Mark Teixeira (damn, that’s tough to spell).  Youkilis is like a defensive dream come true for the Yankees.

When I project myself into next season I don’t see me booing the hell out of Youk when he comes back in pin stripes.  Maybe a little, but nothing like the wrath we visited down upon the trader Johnny Damon.  Damon’s move to New York was evil.  Youk’s move was, as mentioned, actually to Chicago.  If anything we should be furious at Schmucko the Clown (my pet name for the idiot accurately known as Bobby Valentine).  It was the conflict between Schmucko and Youk that resulted in the trade.

Good luck, Kevin Youkilis.  May you have a good year on a team that goes 0-162, and may you not take it personally when I boo your ass when you play the Red Sox.

2013 is going to suck for Red Sox Nation.