Things I Actually Said Today

Here are a couple of things I actually said today…

  • “Huh… 22 – 19 = oh crap.”
  • While humming a happy little melody to myself I started singing an improvised lyric about my feelings at that moment. The lyric was one line, repeated endlessly. It was, “I gotta go pee, really bad.”

Aren’t you glad you came here today? Isn’t this the best post in blogging history? Start reading backwards, kids. There are 13 years worth of these masterpieces.

Last night, before going to sleep and getting a less than stellar night’s rest, I made a command decision to temporarily suspend all Intermittent Fasting proceedings. The estimated date to restart the Intermittent Fasting process is January 3, 2022. That is not set in stone though. I could change my mind and start again tomorrow. I could also just do it without tracking it. I didn’t set the timer running last night, but I still haven’t eaten anything yet today. So maybe it’s second nature or something? No, it’s not. It’s just going to take one M&M before 1:00pm today and I will be back to normal.