Volume Five is Done

I mixed the last song on the list for Quarantine Tunes Volume 50/90. This one makes 10 songs written over the summer, redone for the winter… or something like that.

There is really nothing to this song so I went overboard on the gimmicks and effects and now it’s a soupy, saucy mess, but I like it.

Now I need to come up with a running order for the 10 songs and I can declare the fifth volume of re-recorded songs finished and get back to work on the sixth volume.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. Maybe next year I’ll mix a Christmas song on Christmas Eve. For now, you’re stuck with this guy.


Song, Second Attempt

I just wrote this post a few minutes ago and it included what I thought was a new version of a song from this past summer, but the hearthis.at player actually grabbed the original version. Weird.

Let’s try again and see if we get the right one this time….

This One is Pretty Blah

I thought this song was coming out pretty good but now that it’s done it doesn’t really do anything better than the first version. It is faster so I guess that’s something.

Two more songs to mix and then I’ll be done with this batch of songs.

Not as Good as Before Again

Another new mix of a new recording of a song from over the summer. Again, I don’t think this one is as good as the original, but it’s much closer. I think the problem is that I am steadily losing the ability to sing. I get a little worse each time I try. Not a lot, but a noticeable amount.

Oh well.

Not as Good as Before

I just mixed a song from the latest round of re-recordings and I don’t think it’s as good as the recording I made over the summer. I’m a little bummed out, though I haven’t actually listened to the two versions back to back yet. This one just feels too sloppy.

The Good and the Terrible

I mixed two songs tonight. I was only planning on doing one. I had a song from the November list that was ready to finish off so I was going to take care of it, upload it to alonetone, maybe add it to a post here, and then go to bed.

Unfortunately it is the worst dog shit of a song that has ever come out of my untalented brain. It just sucked so bad. What was I thinking? What is wrong with me?

So rather than go to bed with that awful taste in my ears, and also with that song at the top of my alonetone queue, I decided to finish off a song for the new round or re-recordings. The Great 2015 Re-Recording Project and all that.

I feel a smidge better about my place in the universe after working on this one. Consider my ears’ palette cleansed.

Bang your head, kids.

Quarantine Tunes Again

I was going to save up all of the re-recordings I’ve been working on and share them all at once rather than piecemeal as I finish them, but screw it here’s the first new mix. It’s a tad faster than the original from July, and it’s got a key change at the end now.