Does Bertha Need to Move?

Bertha is the house plant we grew from a clipping of Bellana’s plant that she calls Bert. We clipped a stem with two leafs off of it back in January and tried to grow a new plant. It worked like crazy.

Bertha is the plant on top of this stand. She has grown all the way down to the floor and now she is starting to spread out further.


Is it time to move her to a new location? Or maybe is it time to put her on a taller stand of some sort? Maybe hang her from the ceiling? This window gets a ton of light in the afternoon and Bertha is growing like a weed even though the other two plants on the stand don’t seem to be growing at all.

Maybe we can put her in the bay window in the living room and she can just grow out in every direction. The downside there is that the curtain is always closed so we wouldn’t be able to watch, and I would be nervous about forgetting to water her.

For the time being though… She’s growing another branch.