Snow Check In 4

3:00pm looks pretty much the same as 1:00pm. That’s the wind. The storm hasn’t slowed at all, but the wind is making it hard to judge accumulation. There are huge drifts in some places and almost nothing in others.

Right now the driveway doesn’t look bad at all, but the cars look buried. The wind does that. Oh well.

Snow Check In

That’s a depiction of the amount of snow we’ve had dropped on us so far. I took this at about 8:50am.

I’m thinking of taking the same pic every two hours or so. How’s that sound, good? Fascinating? Pointless and stupid but I’m still going to do it anyway? Yeah, that one.

The Magic Failed

Backstory: I was reading through some old blog posts the other day, playing This Day in History, and I found one where I had my step son Harry help me shovel the driveway. I made a big deal out of telling him to jump into the shower as soon as he got back inside because it would be the best shower ever. He did, and he agreed with me. Best. Shower. Ever.

Current story: We got a shit load of snow last night and it’s still coming down. I’m guessing there is at least a foot of snow, and the snow bank at the end of the driveway is probably more than double that. I went out this morning to shovel a path from the house to the street for the mailman or any potential delivery folks who might not be getting shut down for the weather. When I finished I came back inside and jumped right into the shower and….

It didn’t work. The magic is gone. I felt just as sore and awful after the shower as I did before. I’m so sad. Maybe it’s because I didn’t do the full driveway, so I didn’t qualify. Maybe it’s because I’m just too old for this shit and it takes more than a roaring hot shower to set me right again. Crud. I am sad. Sad enough that we just booked someone to come and shovel the rest of the snow later tonight. I am fail.