Thumbs Up

Just a quick note here. (Might this be better as a Tweet? Probably. Maybe a Facebook post? Nope, the Facebook boycott is still going strong)

The kids are here and Bellana gave the Tewksbury Tweets I made last night a thumbs up.

Dessert success! Culinary Win! My work here is done!

Tweet Worry

I’m worried about my Tewksbury Tweets. They look okay, but you’re supposed to let them sit for a while and harden before putting them into the fridge. I let them sit for about 90 minutes, maybe a little longer. That should have been more than enough time, but when I took them off the wax paper they were still really gooey. I’m sure they will taste fine once they are cooled, but they won’t be perfect.

Weirdly, the bigger the tweet, the less gooey it was. I’m not sure how that worked out.

Who cares, the kids are coming tomorrow! WOOHOO!

The Most Dangerous Part of the Season

It has arrived. We knew it was coming eventually, but now it’s here.

The most dangerous part of the holiday season….

….the time you start baking stuff.

Oh the horror… the horror… the horror…

There has been a request for the no-bake cookies aka Tewksbury Tweets that I started making at the start of the lock down. I guess I can come out of retirement for that.

The only thing left is to start christmas shopping. Wait, now THAT is the most dangerous part of the season.