Morning Stuff Complete

I did everything I wanted to do before work today and then some. I got up at 5:10, ran in place for 45 minutes. Surprisingly my Apple Watch’s workout app didn’t screw me over on any of the numbers. It gave me 5.5 miles and 1000 calories when yesterday the exact same time and pace gave me 3.5 miles and 800 calories. Why was today different? Who knows. Who really cares.

I ate breakfast, showered, dressed, and ran out to the supermarket. I bought everything we need to make a mini-Thanksgiving this weekend. We might need a bigger turkey breast, but I can leap off that bridge later today. I was out of the house early enough to bring Dad’s camera and make a quick shootin’ stop. I think the place I went to might be bad luck.

Walnut Grove Cemetery in Methuen is awesome. It was the first place I thought of when I thought about using black and white film. The last time I took Dad’s camera there the film jammed and then broke when I was trying to rewind it. Today I expected to have 9-10 shots left in the roll. It jammed after five. What the hell? When I got home I rewound it without issue so hopefully all will be well. Just… what the hell?

I’m trying to keep track of what goes onto each roll of film. This roll is roll number 8 and it is the cheapest film I could find on Amazon, Kentmere 100. I wonder if the cheapness is part of the reason it jammed. I also wonder if the cheapness is part of the reason it was an absolute bitch to load. It was by far the hardest roll to load yet and I bet I burned a shot or two during the fiasco. I loaded roll number nine into Dad’s camera this morning too and that was a bitch to load as well. Either I suck or the film does… it’s probably me.

Roll #8 was through Dad’s prime lens only. Roll #9 will use Dad’s zoom lens. Roll #10 will be my camera with Dad’s prime lens, and Roll #11 will be my camera with Dad’s zoom lens. My camera using an adapter as well, of course. That will be it for the black and white film I have. There may be a Christmas roll in there too, which will likely be color and much better film using Dad’s camera and whichever lens I have available at the time. HoHoHo and all that.

Okay, it’s 8:56. Time to punch into work.

Walnut Grove Cemetery
Dad’s camera, loaded up with roll number nine.


Tomorrow’s to do list. Get up at 5:00am, run for 45 minutes, have something to eat with lots of protein, go grocery shopping to buy the fixin’s for a mini Thanksgiving this weekend, make the kids’ beds because I washed their sheets today, go to work, finish work, see my step son Harry for the first time in ages.

That’s my to do list for tomorrow.

Bring it on.