On September 1, 2020 the state of Massachusetts had 355 new cases of Covid-19. The United States as a whole had 41,976 new cases.

On September 2, 2021 (after having multiple vaccines available for over seven months) the state of Massachusetts had 2,037 new cases of Covid-19. The United States as a whole had 187,489 new cases.

What the fuck is wrong with us?

Take the god damned vaccine, you fucking morons.

Did it Happen?

Today is the day, isn’t it? Has it happened yet? Was the orange pile of fascist goo, ol’ fuckface trump reinstated as president today?

Didn’t those Q fuckers and that pillow shit for brains promise it was going to happen today? So what’s the deal? Do we have a new piece of shit in the White House, or is the decent human being still there.

I’m just so confused.

COVID-19 Numbers

Here’s what I have for today:

  • Methuen, MA
    • Total Cases: 990 (up 1 from yesterday)
    • Deaths: 57
    • Death Rate: 5.76%
  • Massachusetts
    • Total Cases: 107,611 (up 172 from yesterday)
    • Deaths: 7,938
    • Death Rate: 7.38%
  • United States
    • Total Cases: 2,366,961 (up 37,324 from yesterday)
    • Deaths: 121,746
    • Death Rate: 5.14%

There are two numbers that jump out at me here. One good, one unbelievably awful. First, the good.

Methuen has not had a COVID-19 death since June 15th. That’s nine days. That is incredible. We’ve had 16 new cases in that time but no fatalities. Excellent!

Now the terrible news. You’ve probably worked this one out for yourself. The United States had 37,324 new cases yesterday. We had been doing well enough for the daily increases to occasionally dip below 20,000, but now with states opening up like morons, we’ve topped 30k on four of the last six days. The level of stupidity in my country is utterly astounding.

It should also be noted that through most of the pandemic, Massachusetts has been the state with the forth highest case count. We got hit hard. Reports are now saying that we are the state with the lowest infection rate. That’s good news. In the last few days we’ve dropped to the sixth highest case count, as Texas and Florida have been skyrocketing. Jen and I were looking at the numbers by state a few days ago and we estimated at that time that it would probably take Florida another week to catch us. Nope, they blew past us today. It only took a few days.

….and yet… we’re still opening up for business. Their money is more important to the nation than your health, and even your life. Way to go, USA.

Make it Stop

There are places in this country that are so idiotic you can actually smell yourself losing brain mass just by being in the area.

Route 111 in Windham, NH is one such place.

Please, please get me away from here.

Players Union Ratification Vote

The players union’s electronic (ie interwebs) vote to accept the new collective bargaining agreement was supposed to have ended about an hour ago. There has been no announcement from the union regarding the results yet.

A majority of the 700 or so union members is required to ratify the agreement. The owners ratified it on Wednesday (I think) so this is the last step. A yes vote from the players union means camps can open today. A no vote means the lockout continues, probably forever.

Do you think Gary Bettman is worried? I’m positive Donald Fehr doesn’t give a flying leap either way. Imagine the disaster a no vote would be. The dumbest work stoppage in history would be dumber by a factor of about 10 gazillion.

I expect a yes vote though, and so does everyone else, so we should have hockey in full swing by tomorrow. Just remember, all my fellow fans out there, do not give them your money this year. Spend your money on businesses that actually want to be in business.

Go (broke) Bruins’

Another NHL Lockout Post

tick tock, tick tock.

The clock is ticking.  One week to go until the league’s deadline to cancel the season.  One week to go until the unthinkable happens… again… and the league cancels the whole entire season.  One week.

And the two sides didn’t meet face to face yesterday.  Are you kidding?

So here are two of the remaining sticking points.


The league wants next season’s salary cap to be 60 million dollars.  The players want next season’s salary cap to be 65 million dollars.

Both sides have agreed that term length of the new collective bargaining agreement (assuming they ever actually agree to one) should be ten years.  The players want an option to back out after seven years.  The league wants an option to back out after eight years.

There’s also an issue dealing with player pensions that seems like it might be a legitimate problem, but is still something that a little give and take should be able to resolve in a short time.  Still though… they are hung up on seven years vs eight years, and 60 million vs 65 million.  Really.  Both sides are saying that publicly.  Honestly, they are.  Both sides are so incredibly stupid that they are risking the cancellation of ANOTHER NHL season over these issues.

My god people, how much of a collective group of assholes can you be?  For the salary cap?  How about 62.5 million.  Problem solved!  As for the term length, I have a more complicated solution.  Take a coin, right?  Flip it.  Heads means the opt out is seven years.  Tails means the opt out is eight years.  Problem solved!

They have had a Federal mediator at all of the recent talks.  I swear that poor son of a bitch must be ready to just start punching these idiots.  Meet with the players and punch Donald Fehr in his World Series canceling head.  Meet with the players and punch Gary Bettman in his season canceling head.  BOOM!  Problems solved!  Drop the damn puck!