Did it Happen?

Today is the day, isn’t it? Has it happened yet? Was the orange pile of fascist goo, ol’ fuckface trump reinstated as president today?

Didn’t those Q fuckers and that pillow shit for brains promise it was going to happen today? So what’s the deal? Do we have a new piece of shit in the White House, or is the decent human being still there.

I’m just so confused.


I mean… how stupid do you have to be?

An 18 year old high school student from Methuen was arrested yesterday for making “terroristic” threats on his facebook page.  He did things like mention killing a lot of people, and outdoing the marathon bombers.  Here’s a story from the Eagle Tribune.

I mean… just… ummm… really?  I ask again, how stupid can you be?  I mean… you know… doing this at any time since 9/11 would be the absolute pinicle of stupidity, but to do it now… half an hour from Boston… today… just two weeks or so after two doucehcanoes set off bombs at the Boston Marathon… and to mention outdoing said douchecanoes?  I mean… I mean… Can a human be more idiotic than that?  Is it physically possible to do anything more stupid than that?  I don’t think so.  I think this is the single dumbest crime ever commited in the United States of America, if not the world.  This 18 year old high school kid now sits in prison with a $1,000,000 bail and he faces 20 years in jail.  TWENTY FREAKING YEARS!!!  How did this kid not see this coming?  He put the damn post onto Facebook for Christs sake!  How can a member of the human race be that stupid?  I mean… what the hell, kid??