New Flowers!

The Japanese Peace Lilly is growing two new flowers!! Woohoo!!

I wonder if the plant flowers seasonally and the season is starting. It’s had one flower open for ages, months I think, and every day it seems to droop a little more. It’s still hanging in there though. It will soon have a flowery friend, and I think there is a third flower just starting to poke out of the leaves.


New flower:

Possible additional new flower (look close, there’s a little white thing just starting to come out):

It’s Alive

I’ve mentioned this before, but we took a clipping from one of Bellana’s plants in the hopes of keeping it alive forever.

It’s been sitting in a glass of water for a few weeks and we were worried that our attempt was going to fail. While we didn’t see any roots sprouting, the thing didn’t appear to be dying. So I kept it in the glass of water and waited.

This morning I was looking at it, trying to figure out what was what. I expected something to sprout from the bottom, but I noticed something further up the stem.

That’s new! It’s still alive and it’s trying to grow new roots! Yes! We will let this little guy grow out a little more and then try potting it.

It’s so exciting! I’m so old!

Plant Sitting

Bellana is going into a study abroad program next month. Her Spring Semester will be in Europe. While she’s world traveling, some one is going to have to look after her plants. Our plant stash is going up from three plants to five (the Japanese Peace Lily is out of the shot).

Here’s hoping I don’t kill them.