Blogger Backup

Earlier today I found the location of all of the photos I uploaded to blogger. Not the photos hosted by Flickr or Photobucket or those that were hosted by posterous which no longer exist. Just those hosted by Blogger.

I just added them all to Flickr. I thought they’d be sorted by the date they were taken, but the exif data doesn’t seem to have made the trip so my Flickr now has 1700 photos that it thinks were taken today. Nice.



The search function on the new Flickr is pretty awesome. The search function on the new Google photos is better. Google photos’ search page prompts you with faces, places, and things. One of the things on my search page is sailing. Here’s a bunch of examples of what it found…

For comparison’s sake, here are a few of what Flickr found when I searched for sailing.

Well… I can’t actually post anything because Flickr’s search didn’t actually find anything when I plugged in sailing. How about sailboat?

Again, nothing. What about if I search for Boat?



2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 228

2012-04-26 - Balboa and Seaport Village 508




2 gig card 424


I went back to Google Photos and searched for Boat. Google’s results returned much faster, but there weren’t as many hits. Both sites had a ton of false positives but I think Flickr had more.

So there is a wicked unscientific comparison of the search functions built into Google Photos and Flickr that is really just an excuse to put a ton of pictures into a blog post.

The other day I started pulling all of my Flickr photos down from the web to create a backup on an external drive. I also decided to created a back up to the back up by moving everything into the new Google Photos. The process is slow and painful because Flickr’s new download function is slow and painful, but it has allowed me to uncover a few forgotten gems, like this little guy from our Honeymoon stop in Washington, DC.

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