Watch this.

The President of the United States is completely delusional. He’s trying to spin death as a positive. It’s unfathomable.

I haven’t watched the full interview yet but I’m going to post it so I can find it here later.

I’d say enjoy, but I expect it’s more likely to infuriate.

Where Do We Go?

Every four years we like to tell the same joke.  If candidate X becomes president we are moving out of the country.  We have never said it seriously before, but if Trump should magically find himself on top next November…

Toronto is both beautiful and close, but it will most likely be over run by US refugees trying to flee the fascist regime of the Donald.  London is my top choice in Europe, but there are other attractive English speaking destinations too.  What about a quiet rural country village in Ireland or Wales.  Think about it, if we don’t have a lot of neighbors then we won’t have to be ripped on as often for being from a country that was idiotic enough to elect Trump to an office.  That’s a pretty big plus for me.