Kitchen Lights

The two electricians had to run out to pick up a part. I took the opportunity to see what they’ve done so far. We have a light over the kitchen sink again! Oh, it’s been so long! Happy, glorious day!

Looks like the dining room, the mud room, and the front porch (sorry, birds) are all done, I think. The kitchen has one more thing to finish and then I think we’re all set for today.

I’m not going to make it to my meeting, but that’s okay. I told my manager and he was cool with it. He’ll catch me up when I get back.

Now the next question is this: When they are done and all of this is wrapped up… do I go and get a haircut?

Not Double Booked

Turns out I was not double booked. The doctors appointment is in fact tomorrow and not today. The electricians are here and for the first time in ages the lights in the kitchen and the dining room are going to work correctly. If they are done by 10:30, or even if they just don’t turn off the internets, then I may be able to attend that work meeting. I’m on vacation though, so I’ll be all incognito like. Hi everyone, I’m not actually here. Ha! I’m so professionally funny.

The best part of all of this is that I have 24 hours left before I have to lose my head being afraid of another doctors appointment. Hooray and all that happy crappy*.

*That’s a Stephen King reference, from too many books to count. I think. Maybe he only used it in one book and I just read that book more than once. Who knows.