Didn’t Think of That

Intermittent Fasting and Daylight Savings don’t play nicely together. I just got a notification from the Zero app telling me that I hit my 16 hour goal. How is that possible? It’s not 1:00, it’s only noon.

Oh yeah. There’s an extra hour today. Daylight Savings time starting in the Spring is going to make it worse. My 16 hour fast won’t end until 2:00 on that day! Crap!

Complete change of subject:

Yesterday I brought a bag of trash outside to the barrels and there was a deer in the trees about 10 feet from me. We scared the crap out of each other. She ran off about 20 yards away and then stood there watching me. I stayed too and had a little chat. I tried the trick you do with cats where you close your eyes to show that you trust them. When I opened them again she looked away. Did it work? I managed a picture. It was awesome.

Amazingly, almost exactly the same thing happened today! I went to the trash barrels and there was a stirring in the trees just a few feet away from me. This time the deer was calmly walking away. I caught a good look. It was a buck with antlers! I think there were three points… assuming I know what I’m talking about, which I honestly don’t. He didn’t stay to chat, which was sad. He strolled up a little hill just inside the tree line and vanished.

November 1st

As I was turning to head back to the house I saw a doe too. She’s probably in this picture at the far right. They camouflage so well, the little furry bastards.

I want to be friends with them. We can’t have people over anymore, so maybe the deer could keep coming for visits? That would be nice.

Stupid Deer, Stupid Stupid Deer

As I was putting my shoes on this morning I gazed out the window without really paying attention to what I was looking at.

Movement caught my eye.

A deer!

Of all the wild kingdom critters we get out back, deer are still my favorite. As he (it was probably a she, but I still write he because it has one fewer letter… I’m just efficient that way) moved behind a tree and temporarily out of sight, I looked around for more deer. There weren’t any that I can see, which probably means there were 100 of them because those suckers know how to camouflage themselves like you wouldn’t believe.

So left with one deer in sight I did what any normal American would do on the day before Christmas Eve, I looked closely to see if this deer had a glowing red nose.

Now I know he’s not a reindeer. I’m not an idiot, you know, but given that all of the reindeer in the Rankin and Bass Christmas specials look just like your garden variety white tailed deer that you can see in just about any state in the Union, I thought that maybe it was a reindeer just trying to blend in with the locals. As I stated before, they can camouflage the shit out of themselves.

Nope. No glowing red nose. He even looked directly at the house at one point. If his nose was red, there is no way I would have missed it. Still, I started singing a little tune on the assumption that our back yard woods deer was one of Santa’s reindeer in disguise.

You know Dasher and… none of the others, cause he’s the only one out there….

The song kinda ran out of gas at that point. I decided to leave off the introduction part and just start with the melody that most people know.

That deer that’s in the woods there
Nosing around the leaves.
He is the only one out there.
are the others on sick leave?

All of the other deer there
Decided not to show their face.
They just left this one deer
to wander all around the place.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve Eve
Santa came to say.
I am kinda screwed you know
Where did all those other deer go.

But all the other deer loved him
Even though they decided to flee.
Those human things are crazy
Let them eat him not me.

That was fun, wasn’t it? As our one deer visiter friend left the area behind our house so that we couldn’t see him anymore, I realized something troubling…

I have that damn Christmas song stuck in my head.

Oh no! The horror! The horror! The horror!

First of the Season

I was sitting in the bathroom a minute ago (TMI) when something outside caught my eye. I looked out into the woods and there she was. My first deer sighting of the season! A few seconds later, hey there’s another one! No antlers, so either they are both female or they have already shed. Who knows.

They were way too deep in the trees to think about grabbing a photo, but it’s enough for me to know they are out there. Happy Fall, deer.

Wild Kingdom

Remember this date everyone.  September 20, 2015 at 6:45am.  We had our first deer sighting of the season.   A doe, a deer, a female deer in the yard at the tree line.  Just hanging out, doing what ever deer do.  The groundhog also made an appearance at about 7:55am, but he suddenly is less impressive.  Wild deer will do that to a rodent, you know?

I wonder what other exotic wild forest beasts will be visiting us today?


I just walked through the kitchen and something out of place outside the window made me double take.

3-4 houses down the street, two deer hangin’ out in the middle of the road, all casual like.  Just doin’ their thang.

Deer Everywhere

The deer were out in force tonight. They were all over the woods. The herd (is that the right term) was a lot bigger than I’d ever seen it. I tried to count them as they were wandering around, and I probably got it wrong, but there were nine or 10 of them. I’d never counted more than eight before.

I love when they hang out. Especially when the light is pretty good.






Depressed Deer

There are seven deer in the woods right now. The snow is so deep it comes up to their belly. Their legs are completely buried. They trudge along for a few steps, then stop for a breather. They are all looking kind of depressed, like they are thinking… Enough of this crap.

I hear you, deer. I hear you.

3:00am Wild Kingdom

It’s just after 3:00am. I woke up a few minutes ago needing to tinkle (hehe). When I got out of bed I happened to look out the window. There silhouetted in the moon light against the freshly fallen snow was a deer.a closer look showed at least three, possibly five. It’s hard to count shadows when they are moving, but there were definitely at least three.

Even at three o’clock in the morning, I love living in the backyard wild kingdom!

Now I’m going back to sleep. G’night.