Having a Day

I am having a day, my readers and only friends. I am having a day.

It’s 47 degrees outside. I don’t know what the temperature is inside, but it’s not too bad. I’m still in Harry’s room and expect to be here through the rest of the work day. It’s not exactly chilly in here. It’s basically kind of pleasant, but it’s not what you would call warm. I’ve walked to the bedroom once or twice just to experience a little more warmth, but it hasn’t been a necessity or anything. The temperature is more than comfortable.

That didn’t stop me from shaking for about two hours this morning. Work got crazy for a while there. Crazy. It’s 2:51 and I am on my lunch. That implies that the morning was busy enough for me to push off food for an hour. Me. Pushed off eating. Yeah. Crazy.

Okay. Lunch break over. Quick check in with the universe over too. I’m heading back in again. Cover me, Porkins!

Half Way

I’m just over half way through the work day, with the weekend slightly less than four hours away. It’s been a busy morning, but I seem to have managed to clean up a messy situation. We’ll see if the rest of the world agrees or not. Fingers crossed.

I looked at my schedule for next week and Monday is the only day that is meeting free. So much for telecommuting twice next week. Crazy craziness is crazy.

Is it possible that this weekend could include something special and unusual for my beloved wife and me? It’s possible. No promises though.

I don’t know exactly when I decided to live blog my day, but that’s how it’s shaping up. Sorry about that, folks.